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  • Turbine creates energy from oncoming traffic


  • Connecting agriculture and transportation, a solution from BuzzBox IoT


  • A unique stormwater drain solution from Australia


"Turbine creates energy from oncoming traffic"

Allie Kelly

Median wind turbines make the most of the continuous airflow generated from everyday traffic. As the flow of cars moves across the highway, they create a wind mechanism that is lost on the typical roadway. Installing turbines in the median, between moving cars, harnesses this wind and increases the use of clean, efficient energy as it is created.

"Connecting agriculture and transportation, a solution from BuzzBox IoT"

Aaron Mararuk

BuzzBox IoT offers a unique opportunity to promote the health and wellbeing of native pollinator populations. Providing automatic diagnostics for beehive health, the BuzzBox team utilizes a solar powered, app-run, remote monitoring system to follow beehive activity, swarm warnings, and overall hive health. This data helps both hive owners and the general public play a crucial role in preserving pollinator species and fostering a harmony between hive health and our transportation avenues.

"A unique stormwater drain solution from Australia"

Harriet Langford

Stormwater runoff is a huge contributor to pollution, nutrient runoff, and increased urban erosion. Innovative ideas are required to provide solutions for the waste that accumulates in a storm surge. Sieve-like netting is used here to collect debris as it washes off the streets before it is transported through the water systems into urban reserves.