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"Parking Monitoring Enhanced by AI and Computer Vision"


Looking for a smarter, more efficient way to operate parking lots? CloudParc provides a solution that utilizes machine learning, computer vision, and cloud connections to revolutionize the parking monitoring process. For years the technology surrounding parking lots, parking safety, and parking efficiency has seen little to no development. CloudParc is changing this by developing a high tech solution that can monitor a parking lot or streetscape, provide real-time updates on available parking spaces, measure the duration of parking in each space, and track collisions or accidents. CloudParc offers a service to reserve parking spaces, locate areas with availability, and even pay for parking through a comprehensive app.

As Internet of Things (IoT) technology like this advances, it could allow operators to monitor fleet performance or analyze the emissions of vehicles while in use. Further opportunities exist to prioritize low-emission, clean vehicles that speed up the transition to a smarter, safer, and healthier roadway.


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