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MobilityXX, a partnership of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America), The Ray and WTS International , is engaging the broader transportation industry to increase the number of women from all backgrounds in the transportation workforce by 10% over the next ten years. #10in10. We are moved to act by the simple fact that women make up only 15 percent of the nation's transportation workforce, which numbers nearly 15 million. We believe that to effectively solve the complex challenges of the transportation industry, all perspectives are valuable and essential - including yours.

Go to mobilityxx.org to learn more about the initiative.

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Take the pledge today!

By signing the pledge, your organization commits to two of the below action items. Resources and examples for each of these action items can be downloaded here.

Action Items:

  • DEI Resolution
    Develop and publish a unique resolution displaying your company’s dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion and why it is integral to the mission of your workplace.
  • Diversify Your Panels
    Require diversity among the speakers for any panels and programming in which you participate or plan, starting with at least one woman for all panels. Go one step further and require participation of at least one additional panelist from a diverse background.
  • Baseline Your Organization
    Develop a diversity and gender analysis of your organization to include entry level and management positions, senior leadership, and board presentation, to be analyzed annually to measure progress.
  • Accountability and Collaboration Partnerships
    Require organizations and companies that your organization works with to share their diversity and gender make-up including entry level roles, management positions, senior leadership, and board. Pledge to spotlight or even increase the percentage of diverse or women-owned businesses with whom you work or contract.
  • Pipeline & Hiring Panel Pledge
    Include at least two qualified diverse candidates in the interview process for any manager position or higher and commit to having at least two diverse employees present in all interview panels.
  • Remove Gender Bias from Job Descriptions
    Commit to reviewing and redeveloping job postings and roles that include subtle linguistic gender-coding or reinforces unconscious bias, discouraging diverse job applicants or even influencing the selection process.
  • Strategically Share Job Opportunities
    Commit to posting job announcements in the WTS International Career Center and select the MobilityXX job package to attract qualified female candidates and solicit a diverse workforce.
  • Rethink Recruiting
    Hold interactive recruiting events in person and online and be sure to include social media. Build partnerships with local organizations and schools to recruit diverse candidates.
  • Create a C-Suite Sponsorship Program
    Commit to establishing a robust sponsorship program within your organization, with the support and involvement of male and female colleagues, with the goal of building women leaders.
  • Board Leadership Pledge
    Commit to increasing the female representation on your organization’s Board by 10% #10in10.
  • Company Leadership Pledge
    Commit to increasing the female representation on your organization’s Executive Leadership by 10% #10in10.
  • Diversity/Inclusion Officer
    Establish a diversity and inclusion officer or champion within your organization who is a member of the executive team.
  • Employee Resource Groups
    Establish employee resource groups (ERGs) within your organization, that include leadership, where women and other underrepresented employees can meet to discuss challenges and business hurdles and share their thoughts and experiences in a safe space.
  • Internship or Fellowship Program
    Create an internship or fellowship program to introduce students to transportation with a focus on attracting and recruiting women and candidates with diverse backgrounds.
  • Expand Your Transportation Insights
    Sponsor gender-inclusive research, planning studies and outreach that includes collection of traditional and lived experience data
  • Host a Diversity & Inclusion Workshop
    Host a diversity and inclusion workshop for employees and include executive leadership.
  • Create Your Own Action
    Organizations may submit their own meaningful action to attract, retain or elevate female and diverse employees that are not already represented on this list.

Download the pledge here.

Documenting Your Pledge Commitment and Progress

To commit to your pledge, pick two of the Pledge Action Items and submit documentation to _____ by September 2022.

Submission guidelines:

  1. Your documentation can be videos, PPT slides, or written reports.
  2. All submissions should be collected in a zip file format and uploaded to the public Google drive (LINK TBD)
  3. Zip files should be named “COMPANY NAME_DATE”
  4. Zip files should be emailed to mobilityxxinfo@gmail.com. If your files are too large to email, please let us know and we will make alternate arrangements.

Have questions or want more information? Email mobilityxxinfo@gmail.com.