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"Electric Air Travel"


While electric vehicles on the road are growing in popularity, the technology is not limited to ground travel. Clean, quiet, cost-effective electric air travel is on the horizon. By retrofitting vintage aircraft into modernized, electric planes and developing electric and hybrid commercial airliners, Ampaire Inc. is bringing sustainable transportation to the skies.

Operating out of South Bay of Hawthorne Municipal Airport (Hawthorne, CA), Ampaire Inc. is developing high performance, low emission aircraft with an aim to electrify all regional air travel. Electric propulsion is driving the biggest revolution in aviation since the jet engine. Moving towards this innovative solution will significantly lower operating costs, emissions, and noise pollution of the aviation industry. Ampaire’s first product operates as a hybrid / electric retrofit, designed to update existing 5 to 19 passenger airplanes. Prototype models are in the testing phase in California, and a second craft is moving towards a full-scale flight test program on a commercial route in Hawaii.

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