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"Electric Street Cleaner"


A somewhat “unseen” source of emissions is the day to day operations of standard street-cleaners. Accounting for nearly 26 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted annually, a single street-cleaner is a large contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Bucher Municipal has reimagined its newest street-cleaner model to run completely emissions-free. With 8 hours of battery life and 2 cubic meters of capacity, the CityCat 2020ev is a quiet, efficient, and more cost-effective way to keep our streets clean and healthy. A single CityCat 2020ev operating for one hour a day for a single year accounts for over 6,000 kg of atmospheric carbon dioxide. If broadly adopted and regularly utilized, a fleet of these vehicles would significantly decrease the emissions associated with the traditional street sweeping process.

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