Ask the Ray

How does a solar road work? What is the environmental impact of underinflated tires?
What are bioswales?

The Ray is constantly evolving our expectations for a highway. In this ever-changing environment, there's a good chance you might have a question. Here you can see questions we've answered and pose your own. We look forward to hearing what you want to know more about - let's talk!

  • Can you please address the Wattway “fiasco” in Normandy, France?


  • How can we use the technology that The Ray is using to repave our corporate campus? In addition to alternatives to traditional asphalt, we are considering installing solar panels or a rain collection system.


  • What percent of your funding goes to overhead and marketing?


  • Given that solar panels work most efficiently when pointed directly at the sun, isn't it wasteful to put them flat on the ground?


  • I want to know more about how The Ray actually works. Who funds The Ray?


  • Solar roadways are an exciting idea. If another city or state wants to launch at Wattway pilot, where can they start?


  • What’s the most unique project your currently have on The Ray?


  • How do pollinator gardens help a roadway? Please help me understand the connection.


  • If you grow crops in the right-of-way, would the chemicals and metals in water running off from the highway threaten them or bio-accumulate in them?


  • The Ray has become a model for rethinking transportation. Many of your projects have been consumer oriented. Does The Ray have anything planned for semi-trucks?


  • How can a highway educate drivers about the pollution coming out of their vehicle tailpipes?


  • How many miles apart do DC fast chargers, like one on The Ray, need to be placed to establish a safe network for EVs like the KIA Soul?