Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature. It is a formal design practice that leverages functional biological knowledge to build design solutions that are sustainable, restorative, and regenerative. Within technological innovation, biomimicry prioritizes emulating nature’s structures, processes and systems in ways that align with, and promote sustainable and regenerative design. By designing transportation technologies like nature, human designs can create conditions that are conducive to life.  

Similar to biomimicry, the mission of The Ray is to reimagine how we connect our communities, our lives and the world in a way that is safer, more responsive to the climate, more regenerative to the environment, and more capable of generating economic opportunity through innovative ideas and technologies that will transform transportation infrastructure. To achieve these goals, The Ray works with more than three dozen public agencies nationwide to promote, plan, execute and scale net-zero infrastructure projects that will produce safer, cleaner and smarter outcomes in the transportation and energy sectors.

Regenerative and sustainable design innovation is deeply driven by the biomimicry mindset, though it is seldom considered or understood by entities aiming to design regeneratively. This project catalyzes the adoption of biomimicry thinking by leveraging The Ray’s innovation testbed to demonstrate the effectiveness of using biomimicry when tackling complex system redesign, such as highway development in the transportation and mobility sector.

Read the full Biomimicry on The Ray report here.