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The Ray announced today the selection of Laura Rogers as Deputy Director of the Georgia-based sustainable transportation organization. Laura joined The Ray in May 2020 as Director of Strategic Partnerships. Over the past year, she led the growth of the group’s project work, technical assistance and facilitation into 13 states outside of Georgia, partnering formally and informally with more than 20 transportation organizations at the local, regional and state levels.

As Deputy Director of The Ray, Laura assumes responsibility for the development and implementation of critical internal and operational policies, and for assisting in the execution of the group’s five-year technology and organizational plans, alongside the executive director and board of directors. Laura will continue to drive efforts at The Ray to transfer and scale the safety and sustainability innovations demonstrated on The Ray Highway to transportation agencies nationally.

“It has been remarkable to witness the transformational growth at The Ray in the year since Laura’s arrival on staff,” said Harriet Langford, president and founder of The Ray. “During the COVID-19 epidemic, nonetheless, we saw tremendous development through her tireless work to scale The Ray’s ecosystem of solutions, not just in theory but in action, across the country.”

Prior to joining The Ray, Laura worked for 14 years in the federal, state and private sectors in the areas of environmental program management, sustainability, energy, and regulatory compliance. Most recently, Laura led the energy, sustainability and environmental stewardship policies and programs at Maryland Department of Transportation Headquarters, where she conceptualized, designed and executed the MDOT statewide solar program. 

“I am truly honored and humbled to be selected to help lead The Ray’s continued expansion at home and across the country,” said Laura Rogers, newly appointed deputy director of The Ray. “My passion is to find and apply innovative solutions to our most challenging transportation issues. Being appointed as deputy director at The Ray, an organization built on thinking and executing outside the box, is a dream job and an amazing responsibility. I look forward to continuing my work to build on our model for a sustainable and restorative transportation system.”

Laura holds a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies from Arizona State University, and is a Certified Climate Change Professional from the Association of Certified Climate Change Officers.

“The Ray first connected with Laura when we were exploring opportunities being utilized in other states for right-of-way (ROW) solar. A decade after Oregon DOT developed the first roadside solar, the nation’s solar economics were radically different and much more favorable, and The Ray was ready to create a model for ROW projects,” said Allie Kelly, executive director of The Ray. “Laura brought the practical vision, expertise, and a problem-solver’s imagination to the work that opens the door to opportunity for other states. She is invaluable to The Ray as a leader and as a technical resource.”