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Rubber Roads


Rubber roads first piqued our interest because simply adding recycled tires to an asphalt mixture reduces road noise and increases road durability, extending the life of the pavement by 15 to 20 percent. Scrap tires can also help control public health dangers common to roadways, like tire fires and disease-carrying mosquitoes that breed in pooled rainwater.

In Mach, 2018, The Ray, Troup County, The City of LaGrange, Liberty Tire Recycling, & C.W. Matthews partnered to paved the new Tom Hall Parkway that runs adjacent to The Ray with a rubberized asphalt mix. The project used over 32,000 pounds of recycled tire rubber (RTR) in the top layer or “wearing course” of the road, which represents the rubber taken from over 2,500 end of life passenger tires.






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