Ask the Ray

" How many miles apart do DC fast chargers, like one on The Ray, need to be placed to establish a safe network for EVs like the KIA Soul? "

Tim Echols

A DC fast charge can bring most EVs to an 80% charge in 20 minutes. A KIA Soul has a 90 mile range so DC fast chargers need to be located every 50 or 60 miles to ensure adequate charging opportunities.

It’s important to remember that while fast chargers are crucial for interstate and highway travel, most travel can be supported by trickle charging, a significantly cheaper option. In urban environments, many people will be able to trickle charge overnight. For charging necessary throughout the day, strategic locations (think shopping centers and office spaces) and infrastructure, like light posts that be retrofitted for a trickle charge hook up, can combine to ensure all EVs have enough options, without the high cost of DC fast chargers.