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The Ray, a nonprofit testbed for sustainable transportation, announces a fleet electrification study to analyze the movement patterns of medium and heavy-duty freight vehicles on select American interstates and highways. Using data provided by Geotab Inc. (“Geotab”), a global leader in IoT and connected transportation, The Ray will be able to determine the optimal locations and design for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and help make EVs more accessible.

The analysis performed by The Ray will begin with two pilot corridors: one regional along I-20 from Dallas TX to Atlanta GA, and the other local, from the Port of Savannah GA to the inland port in Atlanta GA. Geotab will develop and provide data visualization tools, such as graphs and heat maps, allowing The Ray to easily dial into the analysis and leverage telematics-rich data insights to determine the most strategic locations to build medium and heavy-duty charging infrastructure, along the two corridors. The data will also help The Ray better understand where and what type of additional truck parking is needed for electric vehicles. 

“To support the movement towards electrification in the transportation sector, we need accurate data to begin the planning of freight charging infrastructure,” said Allie Kelly, The Ray’s executive director. “The data provided by Geotab gives The Ray access to world-class fleet movement data, as an overlay for our Esri ROW solar mapping tool, to prepare for the planning of EV charging infrastructure sites and medium/high voltage direct current transmission and distribution grid upgrades with our public and private partners.”

The Ray will also use the Geotab data to determine the land size needed to support medium and heavy-duty EV charging, optimize charging schedules, and create EV charging locations as close to the corridor as possible, to help increase efficiency while on the road and minimize miles driven. Improving charging infrastructure helps make electric vehicles more efficient and affordable. These advancements in EV charging infrastructure will then act as the foundation for The Ray’s ultimate goal – the development of EV charging lanes to charge as the vehicle is still in motion.

“At Geotab, sustainability is one of our top priorities and for many years we have acknowledged the role that widespread electric vehicle adoption will play in achieving greater sustainability and cutting carbon emissions,” said Charlotte Argue, Fleet Electrification Manager at Geotab. “By leveraging connected vehicle insights, Geotab and The Ray are able to help inform investments in a strong and robust charging infrastructure to help make EVs more accessible, affordable and efficient for fleet operators while also helping maintain the health of the electric grid.” 

About The Ray

The Ray is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity and living highway testbed, located on Georgia’s I-85 between LaGrange and the Alabama state line. It begins with an 18-mile stretch of interstate named in memory of Ray C. Anderson (1934-2011), a Georgia native recognized as a leader in green business when he challenged his company, Interface, Inc., to pursue a zero environmental footprint. The Ray Highway testbed is paving the way for a zero-carbon, zero waste, zero death highway system to build a safer and more prosperous future for all. Learn more at

About Geotab

Geotab is advancing security, connecting commercial vehicles to the internet and providing web-based analytics to help customers better manage their fleets. Geotab’s open platform and Marketplace, offering hundreds of third-party solution options, allows both small and large businesses to automate operations by integrating vehicle data with their other data assets. As an IoT hub, the in-vehicle device provides additional functionality through IOX Add-Ons. Processing billions of data points a day, Geotab leverages data analytics and machine learning to help customers improve productivity, optimize fleets through the reduction of fuel consumption, enhance driver safety, and achieve strong compliance to regulatory changes. Geotab’s products are represented and sold worldwide through Authorized Geotab Resellers. To learn more, please visit and follow us @GEOTAB and on LinkedIn.