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Local news rarely covers the climate.

We’re all over the weather, but we generally avoid going beyond. Climate, as a subject, is deemed too toxic, too politicized, too daunting – too depressing.

It doesn’t have to be.

In Georgia, it’s solutions in unexpected places. It’s green business booming on brown soil. It’s challenges along the Atlantic coast and the Atlanta streets. Our new report, PLAN G, examines these ideas, using the stories of residents of Georgia who are uniquely affected by changing the climate.

During this report, you’ll meet a longtime Atlanta pastor who has become a leading voice in uniting the faith and science communities. You’ll meet a south Georgia farmer who grew peanuts and corn for years but recently sold a chunk of land to be used for solar. You’ll meet residents of Tybee Island, where officials on both sides are working together to protect the island against several major concerns. And you’ll meet the people behind an 18-mile stretch of I-85 that’s become a living laboratory for climate solutions.

Read more and full watch special.

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