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Have you ever taken a look at your carbon footprint or taken into consideration how your transportation methods affect the world around you?

That’s one of the many reasons why electric and autonomous vehicle development, innovation, and implementation is so important today.

There’s a non-profit foundation called The Ray, which ultimately seeks to bring together companies, policymakers, and people on the ground to drive forward innovation in the realm of advanced mobility. So many companies are working toward a better future for transportation, but the work being done at The Ray is real, tangible, and on the ground today.

Advanced mobility will save lives and reduce negative environmental impacts. Still, the idea of AVs really scare the general public.

That’s why on today’s episode of The Next Mile, I talk with Allie Kelly, Executive Director of The Ray. She shares information about how the foundation is tangibly working toward reducing waste, increasing productivity, and transforming the everyday transportation experience for Americans.

So, listen in to learn more about how today’s innovative technologies are changing the world as we know it.