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Perhaps it was best summed up by one of our customers, John Picard, vice president of The Ray, who said: “As the world’s first regenerative highway project, we are building connected roadway reflectors designed to improve the health and safety of transportation infrastructure across the U.S. By connecting previously analog reflectors and lights through solar-powered sensors to the cloud, we are creating a platform to make safer roads.”

It’s not a simple process, but it is a valuable one. Those that embrace the digital revolution stand to gain so much: new products, new ecosystems, new business models and much more. They will be the drivers in the industry, the disruptors, the leaders. Those that hang onto the past, hoping that their old brand promise and market presence will see them through, risk being marginalized and becoming irrelevant. Look back at the Fortune 50 companies over the last fifty years and you’ll see dozens of companies that had great markets that have all but disappeared.

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