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The American highway system pretty much stands in opposition to the very concept of sustainability. But one foundation is championing the idea of a green highway, much like its namesake CEO did for the idea of a green corporation.

The thought of a highway is like fingernails on a chalkboard for environmentalists. Choked with exhaust from a never-ending torrent of single-occupancy vehicles, they carve up natural and city environments, and are suited for cars and only cars.

But what if a highway didn’t have to be like that? The Ray C. Anderson Foundation, named after the late CEO who became a champion for sustainability in industry, is turning a 16-mile stretch of Georgia asphalt into a test case for whether a highway can be carbon neutral, safe, and pleasant.

inside-philanthropySource: Say What? A Green Funder’s Quest for Environmentally Friendly Highways – Inside Philanthropy – Inside Philanthropy