Launching Soon

These innovations are still in the works on The Ray. We can’t wait until they come to life and work together with our regenerative highway ecosystem.


Solar Barriers


We’re interested in finding ways that solar energy generation can combine with other much-needed, functional highway innovations on The Ray. Specifically, solar noise barriers, which would help reduce highway noise while capturing valuable solar energy. In partnership with Innovia Technology, we have completed an extensive research of the opportunities for integrated solar noise barriers.


Innovia Technology





State transportation agencies across the country are exploring drone usage and starting to think through policies to support their implementation. As unmanned aerial vehicles, drones could transform and modernize processes like inspecting bridges and culverts, surveying land for new roads and assessing damage after disasters. Beyond reducing costs for these activities, drones have the potential to save lives and prevent injuries to emergency management workers and providing first eyes on the scene of accidents, sending critical information to medics and firefighters. Not only that, but drones can track concentrations of carbon CO2, giving us accurate, timely data that could be used to inform future decisions..

We have a few other ideas up our sleeves about how drones could improve The Ray experience for both drivers and the employees who keep our roads clear and safe. Look ahead, and more importantly, up! In 2019, drones will make their debut on The Ray.