Harriet Anderson Langford is the Founder and President of The Ray and a Trustee of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation.

In 2014, Harriet secured a memorial highway designation on I-85 in memory of her late father and corporate sustainability pioneer, Ray Anderson. She quickly realized the incompatibility of “the greenest CEO’s” name on a highway – a disproportionate contributor to global carbon pollution. In righting that wrong, Harriet founded The Ray which she spearheads towards the goal of a zero carbon, zero waste, and zero death highway.

Prior to founding The Ray, Harriet spent over 30 years serving in numerous nonprofit leadership roles in her local community. She is a past board member of the Georgia Conservancy and Sustainable Atlanta and a past member of the Troup County Strategic Planning Committee. Harriet also serves on the board of the Biophilic Institute. In addition to her roles in the nonprofit world, Harriet owned a specialty printing business in her hometown of LaGrange, Georgia.

Like her father before her, Harriet feels passionately about sharing her experience and has taken the main stage at conferences like Verge and has given a TEDx talk. In 2018 Harriet received the Red Cross “Hometown Hero Award” in recognition of her lifelong efforts in her community.