Evan Blomquist currently serves as a Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Specialist. His work includes processing and analyzing geospatial data for the technologies at The Ray, which consists of The Ray’s Solar Right-of-Way Project.

Most recently, he served as a GIS Technician and a GIS Analyst at two large engineering firms in the Atlanta area. In these roles, he gained a broad professional understanding of GIS systems in the utility and government sectors. As an analyst, he worked on a contract for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and used geospatial processes to measure potential hazards for pilots flying internationally. As a technician, he worked closely with engineers to help design construction prints and transmission maps to be used by both linemen and engineers going into the field.

His educational background includes an M.S. and B.S. in Earth Sciences from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. During his time there, he was able to work on multiple research projects that gave him hands-on experience using GIS platforms. His most recent research during his graduate education included working with fine-scale urban form data to predict the concentration of nitrogen dioxide levels within 22 major urban areas in the United States.