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"Zero Energy and EV Charging Homes"


Building upon the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Homes program, Scott Mills uses his expertise as a building retrofitter to bring sustainable infrastructure to residential buildings.  The DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Homes program partners with builders, architects, and innovative partners who must register and complete concrete and rigorous guidelines to be considered and listed as one of these homes, both in its production and usage.  There are six in Georgia, all focused on clean energy and sustainable living, including one in Serenbe (where we will be on Ray Day!).  Mills takes these guidelines and expands them to the bigger picture of an individual’s footprint.  Into the home, he brings PV solar, batteries, and EV charging in order to cut pollution and generate revenue for the homeowner.  Such a focus on the individual’s impact and remediation through residential living reminds us of Ray Anderson’s goal to “brighten the corner where you are”.