Ask the Ray

" What percent of your funding goes to overhead and marketing? "

Jeff Williams
Frequent I-85 driver

On average, The Ray spends approximately 18 percent of our funding on operating costs. The national average that nonprofits spend on overhead and marketing is around 36.9 cents on the dollar or 37 percent, according to <a href="https://www.thenonprofittimes.com/npt_articles/survey-charities-should-spend-23-on-overhead/" target="_blank">The Nonprofit Times</a>. Our commitment to transparency has been recognized by GuideStar, who awarded The Ray a 2019 Silver Seal of Transparency. We are proud of our track record of using every dollar donated to The Ray towards our three core missions of zero carbon, zero waste, and zero deaths on our highway system. You can support us and join the movement below.

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