Ask the Ray

" The Ray has become a model for rethinking transportation. Many of your projects have been consumer oriented. Does The Ray have anything planned for semi-trucks? "

Beth Bond
Southeast Green

The Ray is a key logistics corridor for the region. There are over 40 international companies located in LaGrange and more than a hundred manufacturers in Troup County - that’s more Fortune 500 companies than anywhere in the United States! This presents us with a unique opportunity. We have planned a future pilot project focusing on connected vehicles (CV), focused on freight activity. A CV study of freight vehicles can help us understand how to make platooning safer, how best to synchronize routes, and how to maximize efficiencies such as drafting.

In addition to the obvious economic benefit of this pilot project, there’s a human life component. The Ray is also a tourism corridor. That means that families are driving through on their way to the new Great Wolf Lodge or driving east to the coastal beaches. Crashes involving heavy fright are often fatal, therefore, increasing the safety of semi-trucks that drive up and down our corridor alongside family vehicles is an important part of creating a zero-death highway.