Ask the Ray

" How can a highway educate drivers about the pollution coming out of their vehicle tailpipes? What are the most effective/persuasive ways to inform highway drivers about the environmental damage caused by combustion engines? "

Rob Davis
Director, Center for Pollinators in EnergyFresh Energy

This is a great question! Measuring and effectively communicating the pollution impact of individual cars is a critical step to educating drivers. Connected vehicles outfitted with pollution sensors or drones on repetitive flight patterns could gather general data about pollution levels on the road. That data could then be made available to the public. Additionally, emerging sensor technology could be deployed on The Ray to capture individual car pollution levels that could then be communicated to the driver in an easy-to-understand format. For example, underbridge lighting could change colors based on the pollution levels of the cars underneath. Something like this could be a great public education opportunity to take abstract numbers that represent pollution and make them real!