In late October, The Ray broke new ground in Serenbe—a biophilic community connected to nature on the edge of Atlanta, Georgia—with the first residential rubber-modified asphalt project. A zero-waste initiative, the collaboration between Baldwin Paving and Liberty Tire is a first-of-its-kind construction paving project using Liberty Tire’s SmartMIX™ to pave Serenbe’s newest neighborhood, Overlook

Liberty Tire’s unique SmartMIX™ technology is typically used in overlays on traditional asphalt roads. The new road construction at Overlook utilizes recycled rubber in the first paving and incorporates recycled tires exclusively from Georgia. Subsequently, the material is fully recyclable into new asphalt mixes when the time comes to replace the surfaces. This project has set new benchmarks for environmentally sustainable roadways, exemplifying the commitment of The Ray to circular, innovative and resilient infrastructure. 

“Serenbe sets an exemplary model for creating thriving and eco-conscious communities through the development’s integration of nature and regenerative practices that showcase the transformative power of sustainable living,” said Steve Nygren, Founder of Serenbe. “By demonstrating the benefits of rubber-modified asphalt, this partnership inspires other communities, state agencies and local governments to explore environmentally safe initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable future,” Nygren added.

“We at Baldwin Paving have always believed in pushing the boundaries of innovation while staying rooted in our commitment to sustainability and community. This collaboration with Serenbe, The Ray, and Liberty Tire is a testament to our shared vision of building a greener future. Asphalt isn’t just about roads; it’s about the journeys we take and the footprints we leave behind,” shared John Harrison, Jr., Owner, of Baldwin Paving.

“At Liberty Tire, we believe in paving the way for a greener future, one road at a time. Our unique use of rubber-modified asphalt at Serenbe demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and innovation,” stated Doug Carlson, Vice President of Asphalt Products at Liberty Tire. “By incorporating recycled tire rubber into the pavement, we not only create a smoother and longer-lasting road, but we also reduce waste and minimize our environmental footprint. This collaboration with The Ray, Serenbe and Baldwin Paving Company exemplifies our shared vision of creating a sustainable community where innovation and conservation go hand in hand.”