Mobilizing the national momentum at the end of 2022, The Ray saw the Inflation Reduction Act as a pivotal opportunity to expand our private-public-philanthropic partnerships (P4) and become the frontrunner for executing innovative net-zero transportation projects at scale. Looking back at our accomplishments a year later, we became the leading nonprofit in the industry with more than 55 strategic partnerships initiating projects across America. Working in collaboration with many state Department of Transportation (DOT) agencies, we have proven efficiency in implementing turnkey installation to unlock the future of sustainable infrastructure.

The Ray Highway is the testing ground for transforming our nation’s highways into clean, safe, secure networks connecting people and promoting productivity. Acting as a catalyst, our portfolio of projects and services are scalable and demonstrate a future land use model for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and realizing a zero-impact transportation system. We heard the call to action and believe it’s our mission to embrace innovative solutions and implement bold actions to break down silos that exist across mobility ecosystems to ensure safety, equity and access for all.

Most notably, The Ray implemented a regional staff strategy in 2023 to accelerate net-zero transportation utilizing a generous grant from the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation to make renewable energy and electrification accessible and more affordable nationwide. Paving the road for multi-state collaboration and expediting project implementation, our national expansion allows us to drive home the circular economy concept further. Established upon the legacy of our namesake—Ray C. Anderson—a green industrialist, we embody the idea that systems are regenerative and view circularity as a way forward to decarbonized infrastructure. The Ray directly addresses the gaps and challenges facing transportation agencies with expertise, customized tools and cutting-edge analysis. 

In our view, transportation remains an engine of sustainable growth and prosperity in America, and as a nation, we can reestablish global leadership to alleviate climate change. By coordinating effectively, we can reduce GHG emissions and create a more sustainable future for the next generation. At The Ray, we see potential on the horizon.

Let’s drive the future together.
Allie Kelly

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