Así es la carretera ecológica que todos los países deberían imitar

El transporte por carretera contamina de diversas formas y ante eso han surgido iniciativas para disminuir estas emisiones de CO2 y convertirlas en espacios mucho más sustentables. En El Definido

The Ray unveils research on solar noise barriers

The Ray is proud to release groundbreaking research on solar noise barriers in conjunction with Innovia Technology, a UK based innovation consultancy. The Ray’s research was conducted in parallel with

Kia Backs Tyre Pressure Monitoring Solution

Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia (KMMG) has delivered a significant financial contribution to a pioneering ‘living laboratory’ for sustainable transportation technology in America. The Ray, an 18-mile stretch of highway on

Let’s use the right-of-way in a smarter way

Having a stretch of highway named in your honor is a big deal. But the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, the nonprofit family foundation dedicated to realizing the legacy of the late green business

4 ‘Living Labs’ Where Entrepreneurs Are Working to Solve Cities’ Thorniest Challenges

Innovation starts at a local level, driven by entrepreneurs who solve the problems that are right in front of them. A city provides an endless supply of areas to improve upon but it can be difficult

A “Sustainable Highway” in the making in Georgia

A project, named the Ray, near the town of West Point in Georgia, is asking a few unconventional questions and seeking innovative answers as it transforms a modest corridor of

Next To A Georgia Highway, This Plant Is Helping Fight Climate Change

On a small section of highway near the exit for the small town of West Point, Georgia, a new experiment is underway: The shoulder next to the road is now

Farming in the highway shoulder

On The Ray’s 18-mile stretch of roadway, maximizing all assets is a key strategy to creating a cleaner, safer highway. One of our largest assets is the land around the

Harriet Langford, The Ray Sidebar Interview at VERGE17

The Ray founder and president, Harriet Langford, answers questions about The Ray today and what she sees for The Ray of tomorrow.   Watch Video.  

Harriet Langford, The Ray at the Greenbiz Studio

Harriet Langford answers questions in this 4:00-minute video.   Watch Video.  

The Weather Channel: Top 10 Ways To Save The World

See The Ray in The Weather Channel’s 2017 Top 10 Ways To Save The World. Watch on YouTube.

The Ray will be featured on The Weather Channel Sunday

On Sunday, The Ray will be featured on The Weather Channel show “Top 10: Ways to Save the World.” The Ray is the section of Interstate 85 that runs through

Can One Highway Drive the Future?

The visionary team behind The Ray tells the story behind their revolutionary stretch of IT-embedded roadway in Georgia, “the world’s first sustainable highway,” and the many innovations and possibilities created

5 tech-related inspirations from VERGE 17

The GreenBiz team produces VERGE events to build connections between the realms of technology and corporate sustainability. An array of evolving tools are discussed, debated and demonstrated onstage and in

The Ray proposing beautification project for I-85’s exit 13 in LaGrange

Representatives from The Ray are proposing a $1 million beautification project at Exit 13— the Whitesville Road exit, on I-85. Exit 13 is where Great Wolf Lodge will be located and is

Georgia infrastructure initiative proposes I-85, Exit 13 beautification in Troup County

The Exit 13 proposal includes a water feature with six jets and colored lights, along with boulders, ornamental grass, and existing vegetation including pine trees and oaks. “We want to create