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The Ray is a proving ground for the evolving ideas and technologies that will transform the transportation infrastructure of the future, and it starts on 18 miles of West Georgia's I-85, and the land and communities surrounding it. By innovating from the ground up, we're creating a corridor that reconnects and restores us, paving the way to a safer and more prosperous future for all.

Our Vision

A Living

As the pioneering founder of carpet company Interface, Ray C. Anderson is a globally-recognized environmental leader who ushered sustainability into the business mainstream. In 2014, a 16-mile stretch of I-85 in Troup County, Georgia was dedicated in his honor. The Ray celebrates and extends his legacy on this corridor through ongoing innovation and discovery.

The Ray will address and improve one of the most environmentally-damaging and dangerous infrastructure systems in the world.


Our highway system is the lifeblood of progress, and it's in need of vital environmental, economic, and safety improvements.

Million Tons of CO2
Emitted Nationally
Thousand Tons of CO2
Emitted on The Ray
Thousand Highway Fatalities
in 2015


Explore an interactive timeline highlighting the exciting technologies we're implementing along The Ray—where we are today, and where we're headed in the coming years. As a living lab, The Ray will be a proving ground for emerging innovations and how they can work together to create a regenerative highway ecosystem. The technology will evolve, and so will we. It's an exciting journey, and we're just beginning. Come along!

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