The Ray is Discussed on The Energy Gang Podcast

The Ray was mentioned on GreenTech Media’s Energy Gang Podcast on April 6, 2017.  The discussion was focused around recent infrastructure challenges in Atlanta and Los Angeles, and how educational

Unlocking the Hidden Power of a Highway

Allie Kelly, executive director of The Ray, was recently interviewed by CityLab about the technology that already exists and what is planned for the future. Read the full story.

Terrific Tire Technology.  The Tracker, January-March 2017

The Ray was featured in The Tracker, a Canadian magazine for tire professionals with Western Canada Tire Dealers.  The article focuses specifically on the WheelRight tread depth measurement and tire

Are Solar Roads Coming to Your Utility Territory?

Reprinted from K.C. Boyce’s article on Market Strategies International website. …I spoke with Allie Kelly, executive director of the nonprofit The Ray, which installed the solar roadway at the Georgia

In rural Georgia, tomorrow’s smart, sustainable, solar highway is being built today

The Ray, a 16-mile test run for the roadway of the future, is off to a great start Memorial roadways offer respectful tributes to famous citizens and civic leaders. But

Can U.S. Highways Evolve After 60 Years of Stagnation?

Reprinted from Robynne Boyd’s article on the NRDC Website. Cars are getting smarter—can’t the road get smarter, too? That’s the question Harriet Langford is trying to answer along an 18-mile

Creating the World’s First Sustainable Highway

Reprinted from Ann Henebery’s post in ENO Transportation Weekly A 16-mile stretch of highway in southwest Georgia is beginning to earn a reputation as the one of the most sustainable

WheelRight’s tire monitoring technology deployed on USA’s ‘highway of the future’

Previously trialed on the M6 motorway, a UK-developed technology that measures the tread depth and pressure of tires in seconds has been unveiled as part of a groundbreaking live ‘highway

Photovoltaic road surface debuts in North America

A new photovoltaic road surface recently debuted in North America. In late December, The Ray C. Anderson Memorial Highway (The Ray) – an 18-mile section of I-85 in western Georgia,

Solar Panels? You’re Driving on Them

Reprinted from Jim Motavalli’s article in CarTalk If you’re traveling the 18-mile I-85 stretch between West Point and LaGrange, Georgia, you’re forgiven for not realizing your car is on the The

Solar-Panel Roads to Be Built on Four Continents Next Year

Electric avenues that can transmit the sun’s energy onto power grids may be coming to a city near you.     View Bloomberg

New tire safety technology being installed on I-85.

The first publicly available installation of the WheelRight drive-over tire safety system in the United States will be located at Mile Marker 1 of The Ray, an 18-mile stretch of

Cross-country trips in electric cars are about to get easier

President Obama is making it a little easier for electric car owners to make cross-country drives. The White House said Thursday that it’s officially designating 48 U.S. interstates as electric